Perry Players Community Theatre

We don't require experience. We provide it!



Jenna Henderson - Mollie Ralston

Gary Henderson - Giles Ralston

Maurice (Mo) Jacobs - Christopher Wren

Jaloo Zelonis - Mrs. Boyle

Bill Andrews - Major Metcalf

Emily Bodony - Ms. Casewell

Jeff Lintz - Mr. Paravacini

Hunter Hufnagel - Detective Trotter

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Perry Players Community Theatre is located in the beautiful historic downtown section of Perry, Georgia.

We offer high-quality entertainment and cultural activities to the citizens of middle Georgia. Though we are an amateur community theatre, we strive for excellence and professionalism in all that we choose to do. We promote and nourish community spirit, providing mutual support and encouragement to individuals and other cultural arts groups.

Our community theatre could not exist without your past, present, and continued support. So we hope that your enjoyment of our productions has been and will continue to be repayment of your faith and support of Perry Players.

We are a totally volunteer organization so if you feel the urge to "get out and do something", consider auditioning or volunteering for one of our productions.